The Nexersys Review

The Nexersys Workout and Gaming system

The Nexersys Workout and Gaming system

From time to time, I will be reviewing products or training aides that the school uses, with an eye to determining if:

  1. They are any good, and
  2. They are any good for the diverse population and the specific needs of our students.

I’m going to start this series with the mother of all new mixed martial arts workout equipment:  The Nexersys.

Let’s cut to the chase and give away the ending – this thing is incredible.  The Nexersys claims to be a complete workout for the mixed martial artist, weekend warrior, or even just a person who likes a fun and engaging workout.  Plus lets face it, we all need to hit something every once in a while.  While the Nexersys does fall short in one or two areas, in truth there is simply nothing out there that can even approach the quality of workout that the Nexersys is capable of providing.  I lost 18 pounds in the first 3 weeks of training – all extra weight I needed to lose.

Throwing a knee - watch the power or you'll shake the machine.

The Nexersys is not just a workout machine for the martial artist, though if you are a serious trainer, this machine along with a Muay Thai heavy bag and a pair of running shoes will provide you with a workout you absolutely can not get anywhere else outside of the gym.  Period.

The machine performs as advertised and more as far as fun, high intensity cardio is concerned.  Well thought out video instruction provides an adequate level of instruction for the beginner, ensuring a workout that doesn’t end with tweaked wrists, or other injuries due to bad form or technique.

Multiple types of rounds are utilized, including true cardio workouts, sparring, striking, and all manner of innovative and  – I keep coming back to this – FUN workouts!  This IS NOT a machine destined to be tucked in a corner and covered up with dirty clothes.


However, drawback one is that the machine is simply too much fun.  The pad placement, the engaging monitor, and the immediate live feedback all conspire to trick you into thinking this machine is about kickboxing.  It’s not.  It’s all about cardio and technique.

“Power” is conspicuously absent from a machine that just begs to be kicked and hit like a heavy bag.  Unfortunately, if you hit or kick with any real oomph behind it, you get a buzzer and the game freezes up to let you know you are being a bully.  Plus a price tag of more than $2,500 tends to put a damper on an all out assault.  Who wants to break something that costs that much?

The good news for us here at One World Karate?  This drawback means less than nothing to our students.  The inability to really crush the pads is a total and complete non issue for us.

The Body Hook, or Dig as it is called - fun times.

For me the former kickboxer and occasional American Bando Association National Champ, the end result is that I must keep my Heavy bag around for the days I really need to kick until my shins hurt and my arms get too heavy to hold up.  My style of training, and my years of doing it, make the kicking pads almost pointless for me other than an excuse to lift my knees during a cardio round.  After more than a month, I literally still score 0%  on lead and power kicks most of the time because I hit it too hard.  In order to hit it appropriately, I am forced to slow down my round and give it a love tap.  Incredibly frustrating to be working on a four strike combo only to pull up and tap the power kick for fear of getting buzzed at.

So what about the Nexersys as it pertains to a martial art school focused on special needs students?  This machine is, if possible, even better for us than the general population.  I am literally giddy with anticipation of utilizing this machine with my students.  I love it.

Pad placement provides striking surfaces for students of all ages, sizes, and abilities.  You can get a chair – wheelchair or otherwise – close enough in to hit the middle body and lower leg kicking pads with ease.  The sparring rounds allow you to hit whatever you want, and see it registered on a human target – just like a video game.  A huge, wonderful, FUN, positive aspect of the machine.

The only drawback is that at this time the machine does not allow me to personally program a round with specific strikes to specific target areas.  For example, a student that needs to work kicks from the ground or punches from a wheelchair has to utilize the generic “sparring round” and it would really be incredible if I could build a targeted round working specific combos and techniques on specific pads.

I actually talked to the makers of this machine (they are a local Austin based company – another plus!) and they thought this was a great idea.  So maybe one day, we’ll get a software update allowing me to do that.

Until then, I’ll just use the sparring round and try not to have too much fun when I’m supposed to be teaching my students.




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